Thursday, January 20, 2011

Humility: A Healthy, Confident Response

Humility: A Healthy, Confident Response

Lord, I know you want me to humble myself but what about the pride that comes when others resist or ignore my leadership?  God can convict me of my own arrogance but can he save me from the hate I experience from another’s pride?  Can he transform me so I am no longer withdrawn, distant, offended, weak, put out, and intimidated?

If Christ’s attitude of humility means anything, it must be mine when I am criticized and ignored as a leader not merely when I am followed closely and affirmed.  When Jesus brought heaven to earth by healing the sick, others despised him.  Walking away without response demonstrates his wisdom but even more – his meekness of character.  This is the wonderful thing about Jesus – he accepted God’s dealings with himself without resistance, without bitterness.  But how?  He avoided two extremes that tempt me regularly:  getting angry without reason and not getting angry at all!

Lord, that is what Jesus came to do – to spiritually empower people – not just inspire them to proper outward behavior or right relationships.
I am a woman in leadership to whom God has given excellent skills: musical gifts to play concertos, administrative gifts to manage organizations or families, design gifts to create websites or architectural skills to plan buildings, preaching skills to minister the Word, mercy skills to serve those in need of compassion or to love my husband.  I am destined for God’s eternal plan as his eyes look throughout the earth bearing down into my soul, loving me, preparing me for what he has next.  Now I see what you mean, Lord, when you say, “Humble yourselves . . . that in due time He may exalt you” (I Peter 5:6).

I am being prepared for so much more beyond this earth.  To let others determine my identity and to come up wanting is to miss the point.  May I not carry unresolved anger in my heart as that would deeply undermine my capacity to thrive. Jesus, you were not weak on this earth.  When faced with others’ pride you got angry at the right time, in the right measure and for the right reason. 

Be well-balanced – temperate, sober-minded; be vigilant and cautious at all times, for that enemy of yours, the devil, roams around like a lion roaring in fierce hunger, seeking someone to seize upon and devour” I Peter 5:8 (amp).