Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thoughts From Manhattan

Two weeks ago, I was in Manhattan sitting with 200 women inside the American Bible Society building.  Ten presenters, all assigned to a topic, spoke for 18 minutes at the first Q conference for women: vocation and calling.  With eager expectation, I listened as each woman (and one man) spoke from a place of vulnerability. Each one let me glimpse their precious relationship with God which renewed a vision for my own calling. 

Here are some quotes from the day I want to pass along as you eagerly desire the one thing that is most needed:  A relationship with Jesus Christ.

“Calling is when talents and burdens collide.”
“What are your burdens?  Burdens makes you weep.”
“Vocation means ‘voice or vocal.’ Quite literally, caleo.”
“Vocation is complex, is present, rooted in our grief, friendships, hobbies, children.  It feels complex because it is!”
~Kate Harris

“Ambition is bigger and better than building a tower in our own name.”
“Ambition is knowing your focus.  Choose the better thing.”  (Speaker was referring to Mary/Martha)
“It is true.  God calls us to a work that heals our soul.”
~Kathy Khang

“Whatever you do, do it with valor.”
~Rachel Held Evans

“When women fail to take their lives seriously, nobody wins.”
“Logistical challenges of raising small children should not fall on one person.”
~Shauna Niequist

“The glory of God is a human fully alive.”
“Students have an appalling level of fear for their future.” (Important for us as we nurture the next generation)
Bobbette Buster

“If there’s a call, there must be a caller.”
“God’s call is a demand that I live by design.”  (Speaker was referring to God creating our gender)
“Our call has one elemental core—a reflection of the image of God in our engendered humanity.”
~Kathy Keller   (These quotes are some of my favorites)

“Rest! Be Whole! God is for you”
~Deidre Riggs

What quote speaks to you?