Sunday, April 1, 2012

Leading With Conviction

Approaching the God I love and know
Remembering what He said long ago
Old enough to hear, “servant, go!”
Young enough to explore land, return with show

Convinced of all my eyes could see
Firm understanding of strong and weak
I spoke from my convictions

Hearing the words fall from their hearts
Melting with fear those in the dark
Many from there I did part
When I spoke from my convictions

“It’s yours, fully persuaded one,”
I heard from the Holy One.
“The inheritance is yours to come
For your children not yet born
Because you spoke from your convictions.”

Days and years later am I
Fully convinced as then
With a certain can do possession
Young enough to hear, “servant, go!”
Old enough to start the show
As I speak from my convictions

Bless me Boldly, God I love
Give me Hebron as I’ve longed
Whole heart I follow hard after you
As I speak from my convictions

CONVICTION: A firmly held belief.  The quality of showing that one is firmly convinced of what one believes or says.  From the Latin: convincere.
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